• Giorgio Armani
    Dolce & Gabbana

    Luxury eyewear is meant to be an add-on to your personality, where fashion is merged with a vision of class, elan, and quality as the most valuable and pressing factors. A perfect pair of eyeglasses transforms your whole appearance and redefines how the world perceives you.Being the most preferred and trusted name in premium eyewear fashion,BonTon delivers the most striking eyewear experience with a range of luxury designer eyeglasses that will change the traditional notion of eyewear being considered as only a visual aid. Nobody cares for your eyes as we do! To achieve this, our online store intends to deliver top-quality products with variety and value for money. Experience the quality service you expect with BonTon. Transforming online shopping into a whole new experience.

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    GG0463S 003

    ₹   19,100
    (GST included)


    SPR60X QE3-5Z1

    ₹   26,890
    (GST included)


    B4309 3N

    ₹   14,190
    (GST included)

    Emporio Armani

    EA2093 3001-87

    ₹   10,390
    (GST included)

    Tommy Hilfiger

    TH6151 C1

    MRP ₹  7,150
    ₹   5,720
    (GST included)


    B 2320 3864

    ₹   13,790
    (GST included)


    VPS 05M 1AB-101

    ₹   14,890
    (GST included)

    Ray Ban

    RB7047 5995

    MRP ₹  6,490
    ₹   5,841
    (GST included)