Common Problems Face By Eyeglasses Wearers during winters

Winter is here and even though you spend most time wrapped under a blanket, your eyes can’t. Changing season is often not very good for eyesight; with different seasons comes divergent problems. We all have a love-hate relationship with winters but as amazing we feel in the festive season, it is important to keep ourselves from the hazards that might come complimentary with the season.

Eye syndrome, temporary blurred vision, and reduced nighttime vision are a few of the common threats that you might experience due to lack of moisture in the air. Today we are going to discuss certain problems that are eyeglass weavers face during winters. They are often considered less hazardous than frostbite, icy road, and more, but eye health is paramount too.

Below we have separated the most common Problems Face By Eyeglasses Wearers during winters:

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Dry Eyes

The extreme conditions of the outdoors with winter chills and warmth indoors often have less moisture. This is the reason we have to use extra moisture during winters to heal dry skin and chapped lips. But what about our dry eyes caused due to low humidity?

How to moisturize dry eyes?

The blistering winds might dry your eyes, and the best way to raise the levels of moisture in them is to stay hydrated. It is also suggested to increase your intake omega-3. Getting a humidifier would also help your home to have better quality indoor air.

Dry cold air might also inflame around the eyes and to relieve the tenderness you can apply cold, wet towel or cloth to the affected area. If this doesn’t help, seasonal allergy may be the culprit behind all that irritation. In such cases, it is recommended to consult your eye doctor.

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Increased Sensitivity to Light

Winter is a dark season, when skies seem darker than usual and gloomy but the sunshine may be dramatically brighter afterwards. Our eyes take some time to adapt to rapid change of light and if you have sensitive eyes, you might experience increased blinking, and discomfort.

To deal with such a problem it is suggested to go with protection when outdoors. Best way is to use polarised lenses with your eyewear while during daily outdoor activities like walking, running and more.

Excessive Tearing

Winter conditions can also turn the table upside down with watery eyes or may cause excessive tearing. This can also be the natural action to render dry eyes caused by the cold winds of winters. We need all the extra moisture they can get in such conditions and tearing can help in the process.

Just like excess of anything is harmful, excessive tearing can also cause discomfort or difficulty in seeing when outdoors. Try wearing protective polarized sunglasses or eyewear that can help stop the heavy wind come directly in your eyes and save from the exposure to elements.

If you find that your eyes are watering up when you are indoors, then again, you may have a seasonal allergy and its best to speak with your eye doctor about your symptoms.If you too are facing any of the problems mentioned in the blog then it is recommended to use protective sunglasses and eyewear with relevant coating such as UV Rays coating, anti-reflective, Photochromic Lenses and more.

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