Know your Cartier- Authenticity check

The inception of this luxury brand was in 1847 in The City of Love- Paris. Cartier was founded by an adroit jeweler Louis-François Cartier. It was the sumptuous tortoiseshell lorgnette pair of opera glasses custom-made with diamonds that made its footmark in the luxury eyewear industry produced especially for a French Princess in 1887. Since the release of their exceptional Lorgnette creation, the brand never looked back and kept climbing the ladder of success.

Cartier eyewear with its significant benchmark in history and extensive expertise is now an eminent name in the industry. Their magnificent designs and artistic aesthetics covered the realm of eyewear and made them an emblem for plush eyeglasses and sunglasses. Cartier products are a statement for creativity, awe-inspiring designs, audacity, and distinctive codes that make Cartier what it is.

Enough about the brand, let's move ahead and look at the things that distinguish branded eyewear from the fake one. There are a few fundamentals that designate the authentic product of Cartier that we will examine today in this blog. Knowledge of these rudiments of the brand will help you make an informed decision while purchasing Cartier sunglasses and eyewear.

Below is the check-list to buy an authentic Cartier frame:

Overall Quality

One of the most essential reasons to buy luxury eyewear is the premium quality that profound brands deliver. Every product from Cartier caters to the demand of the customer, in terms of quality of material and built quality. Quality of the product should be the first thing the customer should pay attention to. An original Cartier eyewear would be top-notch in quality and overall finish of the frames. You can check for worn off paint or chipping, misspelling, and such things are signs of fake Cartier eyeglasses.

Logo on Temple

The logo of Cartier glasses is the trademark of the brand embedded, or etched onto the lens. What the fake ones cannot copy is the perfection and quality of this unique stamp. The counterfeiters cannot compete with the premium standards of Cartier and hence they use a cheap screen print method to stamp the brand’s logo.

In the image below you can see the brand name engraved in the temple (side) beside the model number of the frame.

What is the difference between screen printing and Cartier’s stamp? The logo in the screen print method won’t be textured whereas an authentic one is. You can feel the name sculpted in the Cartier eyeglasses. You can check by running your finger over the lens stamp—if you feel some type of texture then be sure to be touching an original Cartier product. The textured logo is a significant indication of the authenticity of the purchase.

The Bridge Piece

The authenticity of the brand can also be determined by the bridge piece of your Cartier glasses. There are many products in which the model number is engraved here as well. The etching number represents the size of the bridge and should be in the center. The width of the bridge piece we have here is 18mm. The attention to detail that Cartier put in each of their frames is remarkable and makes it one of the prominent choices among others. The unique features presented so meticulously in the area, which makes it unlikely to be seen or noticed but that is exactly what makes the authentic product distinctive.

Nose Piece

Cartier drop hints of their prestige in each pair of eyewear. A logo is stamped on both nose pieces of the Cartier frames. If you notice the inside of the glasses, you will notice an emblem of the brand stamped on the nose pieces. It is highly possible that counterfeiters might neglect this detail as this is another feature that customers don’t usually notice as it is not on the exterior of the frame. But we at Bonton believe in giving every minutest of detail of a product for our customers. To maintain the legendary identity that Cartier carries, they always pay close attention to interior details.


Cartier delivers luxury eyewear to its customers which include Gold, diamond, and more. The details are handcrafted in the product which makes it difficult for any imitator to reproduce. Check for the temple insert and notice the spacing and center. The Cartier temple insert would be in the center and the surface would be smooth to touch. You can check for authenticity in your eyeglasses by running your finger over the temple insert. If you feel any bumps or hard surface, know that the product is fake.

You would also find product code engraved on another side of the temple. Brushing your finger on it would give an etching feel.

3 temple insert text on an authentic Cartier:

  • Anti-reflective coating
  • Scratch-resistant coating
  • UV-protective coating
  • Anti-fog Coating
  • Tinted Coating
  • Mirror Coating

Final Words

We hope this blog will help you make an informed decision while buying a Cartier. If you think this is too much to take care of while buying a Cartier eyewear, then Bonton is here to help you. Our team of professionals has more than a decade of experience which ensures efficiency in suggesting you the best Cartier eyewear.

You may choose Panthere De Cartier sunglasses or any other premium collection from the brand, our experts will help you with the most suitable one. 100% authenticity is what Bonton is known for. Don’t waste more time and consult our team today via WhatsApp.