Signs It’s Time To Visit Your Eye Doctor

One should never keep dwelling in the past especially when you don’t remember the last time you went to see your eye doctor. You might think that since you don’t experience blurred vision there is no need to book an appointment with a professional eye doctor. But did you know that regular eye check-ups keep you informed about eye diseases early, which might go unnoticed for a long time? Don’t worry, since you are already on this page, consider yourself halfway through. One of the most evident signs that indicate the need for prescription eyeglasses is the inability to properly read, focus on an object, or even read the signs as well. Today we are going to reveal all the clues that you probably missed or can look into to check if your ability to observe is fading or not.

Below are the signs that say It’s Time To Visit Your Eye Doctor:

Blurred Lines:

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If you can't read from the same page and see blurred lines instead of sentences, there is a possibility that your vision has been compromised and it's time to book an appointment with your eye doctor. If you have problems focusing or the blurry vision comes and goes, or it is happening only to one eye, it is recommended to immediately consult a professional.

It is possible that the blur vision is not evident enough for you but one should keep a keen eye for any kind of change in vision. Another possibility could be that your eyesight is slowly becoming blurry, which would indicate that your prescription has changed.

Itchy & Red Eyes

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Dry and itchy eyes can be primary attributed to potential eye diseases. If you are feeling irritated but don’t see anything in your eye, it is possible that your eyes have some kind of allergies or beginning of a serious infection. Don’t wait for the general signs or allergy-like sniffing or stuffy nose, intensive sneezing, and more.

What are The Symptoms Of Eye Allergy?

  • Redness
  • Burning
  • Itching
  • Watery discharge

What can Cause Eye Allergies ?

  • Indoor allergens- Mold, dust mites, pet danger
  • Outdoor allergens- trees, broken stems, debris, weeds and more
  • Irritants- Smoke or perfume, inflammable spray

There can be different things from which our eyes could be allergic to. What’s important is that you notice symptoms before the problem becomes severe. Once you visit your eye doctor, they might recommend prescription eye drops and medication or refer you to an allergist (a physician specializes in the treatment of allergies.

Nights are Darker for You

If you are facing difficulty see in low light or in dark, night blindness might be the reason. Sometimes people also struggle to see at far distance while driving or otherwise as well but reason could be as simple as new glasses prescription or inception of a more serious problem such as cataract. It is only natural to have weak eyesight for far distance or low light but it is advisable to consult an ophthalmologist, who would access your night vision and suggest the most suitable action to proceed with.

Frequent Headache

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We all have our share of headaches but if they constantly trouble you, consider it as a warning sign for a possible eye problem. You might have a change of power or if you are not using prescription sunglasses presently. Increase in persistent headache or intensity can be a sign It’s Time To Visit Your Eye Doctor.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms discussed in this blog, Bonton urges you to visit your eye doctor as soon as possible. In case you already have the latest prescription, check our collection of eyeglasses and an extensive range of lenses to accompany them.