When Fashion Meets Optical Precision-Prescription Sunglasses

Aren’t you fed up wearing contact lenses, clip-on sunglasses? Whatever threads you’re pulling to keep the glasses yet keep the fashion bar up, your won’t last for long. Let’s be honest there is no replacement for sunglasses. We understand how prescription glasses wearers want to sunbathe looking like a snack.

Not only do you look good but with sunglasses, your eyes stay protected from the harmful UV rays and help you tackle the beaming light outside. Wearing ordinary sunglasses might lead you to some trouble as you won’t have clear vision. Powered sunglasses would be the right resort for your misery. If you have tried other alternatives of prescription sunglasses such as photochromatic glasses or clip-on sunglasses, then we don’t have you elaborate on how convenient it would be to wear actual sunglasses rather than some substitute.

Everything kept aside won’t you agree that carrying a pair of oversized sunglasses over prescription eyeglasses is a fashion faux-pas?

Below we have presented a few key benefits of using Prescription sunglasses

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Flaunt with Fashion

Experimenting with fashion without any limitations is a reality with powered sunglasses. There is an extensive range of options that you have to discover in this new realm that you’re discovering. With Bonton, you can have absolute customization with an assortment of frame shapes, colors, and sizes at your disposal. The sunglasses of your choice can be tailor-made to your prescription with the desired lenses and coat. There are no rules in fashion, so go wild without thinking about any eyewear problem. We would give you a vogue vision.

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Shield from UV Rays

UV rays are another problem that eyeglasses wearers have to battle with. Exposure to the sun’s UV rays can lay harmful effects on your eyes and can cause major eye problems such as degeneration, sunburns on your cornea, and cataracts. Your eyelids and other tissues can also undergo some severe damage if not protected properly. Therefore, choosing prescription sunglasses with a UV ray filter would give you the required protection against the harm of UV Rays. The coverage of sunglasses will not only protect your eyes but also the area around them.

Enhanced Vision Comfort

Power sunglasses are designed to deliver comfort like never before. The advanced technology has made it possible to help the wearer with reduced eye stress and keep the eyes fresh. Powered lenses are available for every prescription that corrects deficient vision. The feature of inbuilt corrective prescription if used regularly goes a long way in overall vision correction.

Freedom from Discomfort

We know how difficult it can be to carry two frames everywhere you go. You need to be ready to instantly style up yet see the people around you. Stop using alternatives and accessories that are cumbersome to carry. Eyewear and fashion have joint hands with Powered sunglasses and hence giving you a one-stop solution. You can choose from our extensive range of sunglasses and make them prescription sunglasses as well; our experts can tailor-made the eyewear in accordance with your prescription and style.

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We hope this blog is insightful enough to help you understand Prescription sunglasses better. If you too have a prescription and using alternatives, then we suggest you switch to Powered sunglasses and stay updated with fashion.