Linda Farrow a famous fashion designer started her eponymous label in 1970. She considered shades as an indispensable fashion accessory and crafted the cutting-edge collection for the London fashionistas. Linda Farrow is renowned for fashioning Yoko Ono's signature wraparound eyewear and the brand has been shading the eyes of celebrities and youth icons since 1970. Linda Farrow eyewear designs emphasize uniqueness, innovation and luxury in their making. Since its inception in 1970, the brand’s fame rose rapidly and became one of the most acclaimed luxury fashion eyewear brands amongst fashionable Londoners and global trendsetters. The brand was later reinvigorated in 2003 by her son SimonJablon, preserving the legacy and timeless classic designs. Now, the brand has collaborated with many of the world's most praised fashion designers to create modern, innovative and bespoke luxurious eyewear collection. Linda Farrow’s women eyeglass frames are truly a masterpiece that is gracefully designed and appeal to the glamorous side of feminine character. The women’s eyewear collection range from retro-inspired wingtips to mirrored aviators. The incredible play of colours and prominent silhouettes distinguish the Linda Farrow’s women eyeglass frames collection from other luxury brand.