A German brand established by Wilhelm Maybach with his son Karl Maybach made their mark on the world with exemplary automobiles and expanded their wings in the luxury eyewear industry. Maybach is a brand that epitomizes perfection in all their creations and hasn’t left its course in the eyewear collection in sunglasses & eyeglasses.
The enticing eyewear collection of the brand ranges from rare and exotic material. MAYBACH exhibits their nobility of ancient lineage with state-of-the-art frames that are handmade in their own workshops.
Maybach continues its legacy of producing impeccable optical luxury that depicts the latest fashion trends infused with the brand's heritage. This German brand is an eyewear connoisseur while giving a new spectrum to the industry with their frames made from exquisite materials. Using German handcrafting techniques MAYBACH manufactures optical marvel with materials such as natural buffalo horn, carbon fiber, leather, along with exceptional metals such as titanium with 18 Karat gold and diamonds.