Michael David Kors a famous award-winning American fashion designer started his eponymous sportswear label in 1981. The brand manufactures fashion accessories, footwear, apparels, jewellery, fragrances, watches and luxury eyewear products. Since its inception in 1981, the brand’s reputation rose quickly and become one of the most celebrated luxury fashion eyewear brands amongst fashionable Americans and global trendsetters.Michael Kors eyewear features vibrant color palettes and fine material, along with the elaborate metalwork, embellishments and double-bridge silhouettes that make sure there is aperfect frame to suit a variety of fashion tastes. Behind this pioneer luxury fashion empire stands an outstanding designer with an inborn sense of fashion and glamour. Michael Kors eyewear designs accentuate exclusivity, innovation and luxury in their creation. The brand has now become synonymous with charisma, endurance and a jet-set lifestyle. Michael Kors men’s eyewear has a pioneering collection with a contemporary American style, known for its cool, energetic and classy look. The brand’s signature sensibility is engrained in rich designing, sleek couture and indispensable luxury. The brand gives an impeccablebalance of elegance and ease, with shapes that are casual yet luxurious.Michael Kors women’s eyeglasses features a cool collection with a strong fashion identity, featuring a fresh mix of trends, coloursand silhouettes that standout with its sporty and urban attitude. Every pair eyeglasses perfectly complements modern wardrobes with an ease.