Kids have smaller facial features, they are more delicate, active and love flaunting with bright colours. Selecting the right eyewear also contribute to your child’s overall personality and style. As a parent, finding perfect eyewear for your child is a daunting task! If you are looking for stylish and durable eyewear frames that highlight your child’s facial expressions, then Pitt & Mitt kid’s frames are the perfect choice for you! Pitt & Mitt is an eyewear brand by Spark Vision, exclusively dedicated to kids. The brand offers cool kid’s eyewear that gives a novel look to the little wonders and future of tomorrow. Pitt & Mitt ingrain the basic characteristics features of small children and they have come up with the perfect trendy eyeglasses to keep your little one stylish. Made from high-quality flexible material, attractive colours, and the perfect eye-catcher for the juniors. From excellent comfortable choices to colourful designs, this brand incorporates various factors to make the eyewear appealing to the young audience.