Porsche Design is an internationally renowned German brand, established in 1972 by a famous designer Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche. Porsche Design had an incredible journey from cars to designer eyewear lines. Innovation, unmatched quality, luxury style, ultimate functionality, flawless engineering and smart German technology are the signature components that made Porsche Design a successful designer brand. In eyewear series, this iconic brand endeavours for a clean, crisp and elegant look. Porsche eye frame design offers a blend of innovation and quality products that go in hand with a striking design. Porsche men’s eyewear emphasizes more on purism and minimalism. The brand has a rich collection in men’s eyewear series ranging from titanium metal frames to acetate frames with lenses made of infrangible polycarbonate and rubberized earpieces that guarantees a comfortable fit. The Porsche P’8478 is one of the most preferred eyewear in the Porsche Design collection. Porsche women eyeglass frames come in a variety of outstanding styles and sizes. The designs feature solicitous touches with the versatility to complement the modern feminine look. Yoko Ono Lennon a famous Japanese multimedia artist prefers to wear Porsche Design eyewear series on several records and magazines.