The Silhouette is an iconic luxury eyewear brand established in 1964 by Austrian couple Arnold and Anneliese Schmied with a vision of creating the best sophisticated eyewear in the world with comfortable, lightweight, and attractive features. To accomplish this vision, Silhouette has put its heart and soul into work and advanced their innovative technologies to create patented lightweight SPX plastic and High Tech Titanium frames. The brand has succeeded in transforming the eyewear industry by creating “Titan Minimal Art”, a revolutionary featherweight (weighing in at just 1.8 gm), rimless, screw-less, and hinge-less model. Silhouette’s futuristic innovative technology was recognized as Certified Space Technology by officials in NASA. Titan Minimal Art is preferred for space expedition by NASA’s astronauts due to its ergonomic fit, slip-free and sturdy design that help them to do an exceptional performance in changing momentum and extreme G-forces. Silhouette eye frame designs are crafted by Austrian optical artisans with the experience of decades. Silhouette creates classic customizable eyewear with a focus to convene with the spirit of the age. Now Silhouette has become a go-to brand for those who adore the simple, clean and minimalist design. Silhouette eye frame designs offer an array of collection in rimless, half-rim and full-rim styles with lively colours for both men and women. The most preferred is the rimless style where the clean lines reveal more of your face and the design match with your everyday wardrobe. Silhouette men and women eyewear series offer lightweight eyeglasses and sunglasses with remarkable designs. Silhouette Men’s eyeglasses are known for its comfort, contemporary style and characteristic masculine look. Men’s sunglasses from Silhouette range from square, aviator to sporty frames with innovative UV protection lens. Silhouette women’s eyeglasses are known for its striking design with trendy colours and innovative lens shapes matching the individual feminine look. Women’s sunglasses from Silhouette range from cat-eye, panto, to retro frames featuring innovative UV protection lens.