Stepper is a renowned name in superior eyewear designing. The brand was started as a joint venture in 1970by German optician, Hans Stepper and Bernhard Id, a Mechanical Engineer. Their legacy of dedicated research, excellent craftsmanship and passion for innovation made them create exclusive injection-moulded plastic frames made of resilient TX5, a polyamide. Earlier opticians used the traditional method of crafting the frames out of acetate sheets.Stepper aims to provide high-quality bespoke eyeglasses that match with every persona with ease. Stepper eye frame design is famous for its excellent quality of material, ultra-light long-lasting designs and anti-allergic Titanium models. The brand is driven by Hans Stepper’ philosophy of craftingframes by understanding the facial anatomy and creating material thatworks in synergy with the contours. Stepper frames are made with a vision embracing all the latest technology and expertly fit around the face with perfection. The Stepper has a huge range of collections including the round, rectangular and semi-rimless frames for both men and women. Some styles are inspired by the best of vintage elements while others emphasize more on modern trends. Stepper men’s eyewear range blends fun and coquettish elements with the ethos of the brand to create aesthetic on-trend styles. Stepper women eyeglass frames feature stylish designs and its assorted collection is regularly updated with the latest arrivals. The brand has a variety of elegant designs featuring contemporary and classic styles. Every pair of Stepper women eyeglasses guarantees outstanding comfort and élan to carry your unique style statement.