Tods TO 01 52F
Rs: 22,000
Tods TO50 72Z
Rs: 26,500
Tods TO07 COL.08C
Rs: 32,250
Tods TO5009 009
Rs: 17,350
Tods TO5012 047
Rs: 19,050
Tods TO5106 056
Rs: 19,750

The inception of Tod’s dates back to the early 1900s when Filippo Della Valle established a small shoemaking workshop pursuing the ancient profession with dedication. He took the business to excellence whilst touching new heights in the shoemaking business. Soon thereafter Filippo passed his refined skills down to his children which formed an authentic code of style for the Group, crafting them to be a luxury brand.
While keeping their ancestral artistry combined with the modern touch, Diego Della Valle expanded the family business. He started manufacturing leather bags, and other accessories including, watches and luxury sunglasses. He kept the ancient values and ethics alive with supreme quality with every development of business. The sunglasses from the company represent the Italian ethos and style.