The Aviator eyeglasses have now become an international sensation and never go out of fashion. Popularized by celebrities and influencers all over the world, this iconic style has always been a staple in many eyeglasses collections. This shape goes flawlessly with every outfit. It is one of the most recognized stylish shapes in the world of shades. Aviator eyeglasses are available in both retro and contemporary styles, featuring metal frames and sleek silhouettes. Commonly available in golden and black shades, the colour of the lenses can vary from solid tints to amber and mirrored shades. Whether it is a party or a formal meeting, Aviator eyeglasses are ready to go on every occasion. They accentuate almost every look and are ideal for the summer season. Designer Aviator eyeglasses are available online in numerous colours like tortoise green, copper brown gradient black, and variants in gunmetal green, grey and blue gradient for the new generations. Fashion industry always undergoes many makeovers, so do the Aviators! Some latest innovations observed are Hexagonal, Mirrored, Titanium, Brow line and Polarized Aviators.