Fendi is a celebrated Italian luxury house started by famous Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld. The brand is recognized for its ready-to-wear fashion accessories and eyewear. Fendi eyewear designs are renowned for their undisputed elegance in line with the style of the Italian brand. Models are colourful and daring giving a unique look. When you wear a pair of glasses with the iconic ‘double F’ Fendi logo, you will express your affinity for cutting-edge fashion and impeccable craftsmanship. As one of the most recognized and respected fashion houses in the world, Fendi is known for setting the trends that fashionistaand style-conscious women all over the world adore to wear a pair of eyeglasses. Fendi eyewear spectra include some very gentle and neutral colours, the entire catalogue has countless creative designs and concepts that look cool on every face. Some of the most popular models in the optical collection include the Fendi FF0046 and FF0050 optical frames. They uphold the simple and minimalistic style the brand embraced when Karl became the Creative Director. This is in stark contrast to the sunglasses range which has released fabulous high fashion eyewear models like the Iridia and the Orchidea.