Tom Ford a popular fashion designer debuted the brand “Tom Ford” with a decade of his experience with Gucci. The brand initially focused on creating women of high-fashion women’s wear, cosmetics, and fragrances that eventually expanded to men’s clothing. Later that year, Ford debuted his eyewear collection, creating iconic styles with a modern touch. Tom Ford Eyeglasses are luxury frames featuring bold designs and polished accents. The elite archive includes scores of designs and styles with contemporary finesse to suit men and women of all ages. Every pair of eyeglasses ensures unmatched quality and is exceptionally comfortable to wear. A pair of Tom Ford glasses are the most refined accessory to compliment an extravagant lifestyle, with undeniable quality. When it comes to luxury, elegance, and sophisticated eyewear - Tom Ford glasses surely won’t disappoint. Created by Tom Ford, the brand has grown into ranking as one of the top 3 brands at specialty stores around the world. Tom Ford is one of the leading luxury brands in the world and the epitome of high-quality craftsmanship. Not only are Tom Ford frames and sunglasses for men and women handcrafted in Italy, but they are also smart, innovative and always fashionable. Simple, classic designs executed with a sharp eye to detail are the hallmarks of Tom Ford prescription glasses for men and classic materials with tortoiseshell finishes and neutral colours dominate. Here is a strong statement of modern classic style which enhances the wearer's features. They are great for ambitious business types and fashion lovers alike, and the high manufacture standard means these are also glasses that won't crush easily. In every pair of Tom Ford eyeglasses, you can recognize the elegant design and prestigious style known to the brand. The eyewear showcases the same high-class, unique qualities which made the creator, Tom Ford, the success that he is today. Tom Ford eye frame design is a true mark of affluence, the signature ‘T’ is recognized and desired by people from around the world. Tom Ford eyeglasses are available in a wide array of classic styles, you can find them in multiple colors, on both the frames and lenses. The most common colourpalletein Tom Ford women eyeglass frames are black and brown, but Tom Ford eyewear is also known to feature blue, green, and tortoiseshell (a popular color in the business sector).