Tonino Lamborghini is an heir of the Lamborghini dynasty, a manufacturer of aristocratic sports cars. In 1981, Tonino Lamborghini established “Tonino Lamborghini Style and Accessories” an Italian luxury goods manufacturing company that made wristwatches, fashion apparels, eyewear and small leather goods. Tonino Lamborghini eyewear designs are the outcome of years of devoted research to attain an equilibrium of elegance and perfection. The brand boasts the Lamborghini family’s rich heritage and deep Italian roots that display an excellent blend of luxury and exceptional comfort. Innovation, luxurious style, ultimate functionality, flawless mechanical engineering and fine Italian craftsmanship are the signature components that made Tonino Lamborghini a popular designer brand. The brand uses high-quality material such as titanium, carbon steel, acetate and wood that provide their products a unique strength with a touch of class. Tonino Lamborghini eyewear is recognized by the famous logo, the shield with a symbol Miura bull in a “Veronica” position on a red backdrop. This logo signifies the Lamborghini Group’s brand value, forte and fearless attitude like the Miura beast and it also evokes the Italian sense of styling. The brand has an assorted collection in men’s eyewear series ranging from metal frames to acetate frames with outstanding artistry and selection of tech material. Tonino Lamborghini women eyeglass frames are recognized for its gorgeous glossy look with a touch of practicality and aesthetics.