Von Arkel is a Swiss luxury eyewear brand established in 2012. Von Arkel eye frame design signifies the convergence of style, technology, precision and exclusivity. You can observe celebrated Swiss craftsmanship and French elegance in the smallest details of the hinges developed by the finest talents. The brand is recognized for its revolutionary Caliber patented hinges displaying Swiss craftsmanship along with the ergonomic technological prowess and design. Von Arkel hinges are a technological marvel made by engineers, master bar turners, designers, as well as master eyewear-craftsmen using the same blending of tempered steel and polishing techniques used in Swiss watchmaking. It is the only hinge of its kind in the world with no screws, rivets, soldering and setting. The hinge fully relies on a unique double-lock mechanism, integrated with friction regulation that allows the frame, lens, and temple to lock together in a classy “Plug & Play” style that ensures complete freedom of arm movement. When it comes to Swiss technology, one can’t expect less in terms of quality and precision. There are various hinges available in different finishes, from polished titanium, stainless steel, acetate, buffalo horn to 23.5-carat gold-finished by Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) colour-coating, where a physical tint is embedded into the metal and coated with diamond-like carbon material to ensure outstanding solidity, sturdiness, and high corrosion resistance. Von Arkel Men’s eyewear is solely designed and crafted by Swiss designers keeping in mind the masculine characteristics with bold colours for a strong charisma and perfectly designed to astound. In the men's spectacles range, the frames stand out with their durable and assertive design. Von Arkel’s women eyeglass frame features a modern crafted hinge encrusted with unique sapphires, diamonds, and rubies that can be worn as an exclusive jewellery accessory. Von Arkel‘s women eye frame design evocates glamour and female sensuality. Truly a piece of fine adornment, it brings a touch of luxury and exclusivity with the utmost precision. From impeccably balanced hinges to pivotal weight and thickness control, this brand assures maximum comfort along with timeless fashion.