Calvin Klein Inc. is a leading American Fashion house that was started in 1968 in New York by a fashion designer named Calvin Klein. Since 1980 Calvin Klein has become a celebrated brand for the trendsetters due to its fashion-forward styles, sophisticated designs, integrated with their impeccable attention to detail and use of audacious colours that gives a dash of edginess. All Calvin Klein eyewear is designed to impress without appearing flashy. Calvin Klein eye frame designs are crafted for the youths who desire to experiment with their looks and keep up with the latest trends. The Calvin Klein’s exclusive eyewear catalogue offers more than 70 distinctive styles for both men and women. The brand is perfect for those who like to express their style statement with their eyewear. The Calvin Klein Men’s eyewear collection includes classic full-rim round frames, flight-inspired aviator, versatile rectangular styles, plain eyeglasses, and other trendy designs that surreptitiously and gracefully highlight your style statement without dominating your face. The Calvin Klein women’s eyeglass frames are known for its exemplified bold, detailed styling and seductive silhouette, with minimalistic eyeglasses in metal or acetate frames that appear savvy on every face. The most popular women eyeglasses in the Calvin Klein eyewear collection are cat-eye frames, retro-inspired club frames, aviators, square as well as the tortoiseshell pattern that are available in endless colour strokes ranging from black, brown to mauve or shades of pink. The brand’s authenticity can be verified by the Calvin Klein logo’s stylish finishing touch.