Carrera is a pioneer in sports protective gear and eyewear. Wilhelm Anger an Austrian sports eyewear maker established this brand in 1956. The name Carrera was inspired by the world’s longest, fastest and the most dangerous border-to-border sports car racing event— the Carrera Panamericana. The Carrera eyewear design highlights the true ethos and idiosyncratic personality of the brand and perfectly blends the classic traditional styles with a contemporary design with a steady focus on quality. The brand is famous for its technical expertise, European craftsmanship, ultra-light comfortable material, dramatic bold silhouettes, extensive use refined colour pallet and adventurous look. Carrera is testament to decades of dedicated research, where innovation meets excellence and sturdy design. The brand emphasizes on fashion-forward styles and quality craftsmanship. "Out There" is Carrera’s spirit and tagline that made Carrera the champion in the sports fashion eyewear industry. Carrera’s assorted eyewear collection stands out with unique names like ‘The Outstanding Stance’, ‘The Metal Twist’, ‘The Pure Lightness’, ‘The Ultem Grip’, ‘The Cool Steel’, ‘The Colourful Blend’, ‘The Golden Touch’, ‘The Urban Crew’ and ‘The “C” Note’. The Carrera’s exotic collection comprises a range of retro, sporty, and sleek eyewear for both men and women. Carrera men’s eyewear collection offers functional and fashionable frames in bold sporty colours that reveal the racing-inspired design and adventurous elements. The latest styles in men’s eyewear collection evoke an adventurous style along with contemporary fashion aesthetic. Confidence and elegance outshine in every Carrera’s women eyewear frame. Vintage-inspired cat-eye frames come in lively two-toned colours to add a stroke of retro glamour to a polished wardrobe. Streamlined shape, energetic colour palette, reflected lenses, thick plastic frame, these are the ideal features for the modern-day women eyewear. The assorted women’s collection also includes bold, adventurous and modernized versions of the classic aviator.