The Armani eyewear brand was originally started in 1975 by the famous Italian designer Giorgio Armani and became an influential brand in 1980. The Armani brand legacy is always associated with world-renowned style icons. The Armani eyewear line has two brands, Giorgio Armani eyewear and Emporio Armani eyewear. The Emporio Armani eye frame design is famous for its distinctive style featuring innovative fashion-forward designs with contemporary silhouette, thick-rimmed frames, and material that are exquisitely crafted in Italy. This eyewear brand is preferred by people who love to connect with the Armani brand DNA. The Emporio Armani men’s eyewear collection has assorted set of frames that are sleek and smooth reflecting Armani’s core brand identity that is elegance, elusiveness, and their commitment to quality. The Emporio Armani brand offers a wide range of women eyeglass frames collection but the most popular ones are curved, pilot, cat-eye, tortoise, flat top and aviator-style frames. The Emporio Armani goggles are recognized for its vibrant tinted colours like blue, brown or plum.