Frency & Mercury is a Japanese brand started in 2005 by a creative designer Eque. M. He considered eyeglasses more than just an accessory, for him it’s an essential element because the first thing people subconsciously notice about you is your face and a perfect pair of eyeglasses can enhance your appearance. Eque. M brought fashion revolution and strives to bring the experience of a lifetime with superior quality eyewear. The brand’s virtue “Bold and Fearless” is there at the heart of every creation and brings out a unique elegance in each frame.Every eyewear is handcrafted in Japan and portrays the finest Japanese craftsmanship which is exclusively found in Fukui, a heritage place for optical in Japan. Thus gives assurance of eternal passion for fineness and expertise of Japanese craftsmanship. Today, the brand is acknowledged for its bold creations, vibrant colours, great patterns and marvellous designs. Frency& Mercury eye frame designs are admired by international fashion frontrunners in over 30 countries. Frency& Mercury men’s eyewear collection embraces a line of shades and ophthalmic glasses inspired by the American west coast. It took years of dedicated research for Eque. Mto design the exclusive eyewear line, created based on advanced material and pioneering Japanese technology. Frency& Mercury women eyeglass frames range from smooth acetate frames with the vibrant colours and signature glittering lustre to metallic frames made of the untainted rich titanium, refined in Japan.