Ralph Lauren Corporation is a global leader in the design, distribution, and marketing of luxurious products in sunglasses & eyeglasses, and more. Their footprint in the industry dates back to 1967 while creating history with their continuously expanding brand image. The splendid journey of Ralph Lauren has made its mark on the luxe segment right from the beginning. The enduring essence behind the roots of the brand was to bring to life their dream of a better living through timeless style and authenticity. Their distinctive image started by selling men’s ties and made their way to the top while covering almost every sector of the market filling with their exquisite class. They aim to produce exemplary products and inspire them to live while seeking class in their lifestyle.
The brand distributed five categories, including home, fragrances, hospitality, apparel, and accessories. The eyewear of Ralph Laurens follows its trademark in terms of premium quality and top-notch appearance. The innovative keeps on thriving in the modern era with their revolutionizing ideologies.